1) How do I contact you?

Email us anytime at Tara@blindspotnutbutters.com or Doug@blindspotnutbutters.com

2) Are any of your products no sugar added? 

Yes.  Nut'n But Nuts, Nut'n But Almond Butter, Nut'n But Peanut Butter, Sunflower Butter and Mixed Nuts & Seeds have no sugar added.  Only naturally occurring sugars are in the product.

3) Are any of your nut butters Paleo or Whole30? 

Fit and Nutty, Mixed Nuts & Seeds, Nut'n but Nuts, Nut'n But Almond Butter and Sunflower Butter

Nut'n But Nuts, Mixed Nuts & Seeds, Sunflower Butter and Nut'n But Almond Butter are also Whole30 approved.

4) There is a layer of oil on top of my nut butter.  Is this normal? 


It is a natural product and there will be some separation of the blended nuts and oils.  This should be stirred back in to keep all of the nut butter spreadable.  If you pour off the oil, your nut butter will be harder and crumbly when you get to the bottom of the jar.  

5) What is texture of your nut butters? 

Definitely thicker than a traditional peanut butter but still spreadable.  I call our texture "gritty" - you get very small "bites" of real nuts in our nut butters.

6) Where can I buy your nut butters?  

We're in quite a few retail locations - click "find us" but our website is the only place where all flavors and sizes are available.  If you have suggestions for a store that you think would be interested, please let us know by emailing Info@blindspotnutbutters.com

7) I want a sample!  Where can I get one? 

Our mini glass jars are 1.2 oz. available online (not all flavors) and in some of our retailers.

8) Are any of your products gluten free or vegan? 

Yes!  All of the products listed on our website are gluten free.

9) Do I need to refrigerate my jars of BSNB? 

You do not need to refrigerate our Nutbutters, especially if you are going to eat them fast!  Sometimes people do like them cold, if you live in a really hot climate, or if you are going to take awhile to eat them - then refrigerate them.  I definitely wouldn't recommend refrigerating Coconut Macaroon as it will solidify the Coconut Oil (unless you are going to eat it very slowly).  I enjoy our seasonal flavor - Pumpkin Pie refrigerated.

10) I am unhappy with my purchase.  What now? 

Email us at Tara@blindspotnutbutter or Doug@blindspotnutbutters.com and we'll talk about it.  We want you to be happy!
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